Mantras to Lord Krishna

Dhamodharaya Vidmahe Rukmani Vallabhay Dhimahi 
Tanno Krishna Prachodayat 
Let me meditate on the god whose belly was tied by a rope. Oh, consort of Rukmini, give me higher intellect, Oh Shri Krishna, illuminate my mind.

Namo vijnana-rupaaya 
Krishnaaya gopi-naathaaya 
Govindayah namo namah
I offer my obeisances to Lord Krishna, who is the giver of pleasure to the cows, who is the Lord of the gopis and who is the embodiment of unlimited knowledge and the highest bliss.

Srivatsaangam Mahoraskam Vanamala Viraajitham 
Shankachakra Dharam Devam 
Krishnam Vande Jagathgurum
I salute Lord Krishna, the universal preceptor, who has a broad chest with a srivatsa mark, who wears the vana-mala garland and who hold a conch and a discus.

Rukmani Keli Samyuktham
Peethambara Shobitam
Avaptha Tulasi Gandham
Krishnam Vande Jagat Gurum
Salutations to the teacher of the world, Krishna, who is engaged in playing with Rukmani, who shines in yellow silks and who is attracted by the scent of the tulasi.